Residential Vicodin Treatment

Residential Vicodin treatment centers can provide in-depth addiction recovery therapy for those who have experienced a long-standing or high-level addiction to the opiate painkiller. However, even for those who have found themselves experiencing Vicodin cravings on the heels of legitimate use can benefit from residential Vicodin treatment. With highly trained experts in the fields of medicine, addiction, psychology, nutrition and fitness, residential Vicodin treatment programs provide a 360-degree spectrum of therapy for comprehensive healing of Vicodin addiction.

Breaking the Physical Addiction to Vicodin at Residential Treatment Centers

Detoxification facilities generally not offered by outpatient Vicodin treatment programs will more often than not be available on site at residential Vicodin treatment centers. Detoxification facilities provide medical capacity, 24-hour medical staff for supervisory purposes, close monitoring and a sober environment in which patients can receive management of withdrawal symptoms as they pass through the initial stages of recovery.

Specialized dietary needs are generally accommodated, and nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are carefully planned into the residential Vicodin treatment facility’s meals in order to foster emotional, psychological and physical healing and balance. Likewise, exercise regimens are often guided by trained fitness experts, tailored to personal strength levels and emphasizing stress release, mental and physical balance, and mood enhancement through endorphin production and release.

Treating Psychological Addiction at Vicodin Residential Treatment Centers

Psychotherapy also remains a key fixture at residential Vicodin treatment centers. With dedicated clinical therapists on hand, patients can begin to deal with contributing factors that may have precipitated Vicodin addiction. In some cases, these issues may turn out to be more physical in nature – such as is the case with inadequate pain management – while other sessions may reveal past trauma, negative self views, personality or mood disorders that require treatment, or other deep-seated issues that may need healing before the psychological addiction to Vicodin can be fully broken.

If you or someone you love has developed an addiction to Vicodin or another codeine-derivative drug, we invite you to reach out for help in finding sobriety once again. Prescription drug treatment centers throughout the country can provide residential Vicodin programs customized to your individual psychological needs, personal history and addiction story. We invite you to call our 24-hour helpline – free of charge – to speak to a caring and informed addiction treatment counselor about the options available to you.