Pros and Cons of Coed Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Pros and Cons of Coed Vicodin Addiction TreatmentVicodin is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone that is prescribed for the treatment of pain. Acetaminophen is an anti-inflammatory, and hydrocodone is a narcotic painkiller with abuse potential. Due to its hydrocodone component, Vicodin abuse can lead to addiction, which is a dangerous disease. Vicodin addiction can be treated with the services of a professional rehab center. Those who suffer from Vicodin addiction have the option of attending either a coed or gender-specific treatment program. The type of addiction treatment most suitable to a particular person is a decision that should be made with great care. Consult an addiction helpline for help determining what type of treatment is best for you or your loved one.

Pros of Coed Vicodin Addiction Treatment

There are many benefits to coed treatment for Vicodin addiction. Coed treatment helps patients build healthy social interactions with the opposite sex, which can contribute to the recovery process. Benefits of coed Vicodin addiction treatment include the following:

  • Helps patients identify triggers related to male/female interactionsAddiction problems are often worsened by issues within relationships, and if patients can identify triggers that occur within male/female interactions, they can prevent relapse.
  • Better prepares patients for life outside treatment – Since interacting with the opposite sex is part of everyday life, coed treatment offers patients a controlled environment that more accurately simulates life outside of rehab. Coed treatment prepares patients to work through issues with people of both genders, a helpful skill for both home and the workplace.
  • Offers a broader perspective – Hearing from both male and female patients who struggle with addiction provides an empowering perspective. Understanding the nature of addiction and other related problems is an important aspect of recovery.

Coed treatment for Vicodin addiction offers patients unique benefits that can lead to long-term recovery. However, despite these benefits, coed treatment is not the right choice for every patient. Individuals entering rehab should consider the pros and cons of various types of treatment programs before settling on a treatment plan.

Cons of Coed Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Some people who are seeking Vicodin addiction recovery may feel uncomfortable in a coed program. Cons of coed addiction treatment include the following:

  • Gender-specific issues may not be addressed in group therapy – Men and women who have suffered sexual abuse or assault may not feel comfortable discussing their experiences with the opposite sex. However, addressing trauma is an important aspect of recovery, and patients need to be able to discuss sensitive topics during therapy sessions.
  • Patients may not feel safe – Some women may feel unsafe living in the same building with strangers of the opposite sex, and some men may feel nervous around women. Inhibitions caused by spending time with the opposite sex may impede the recovery process. Patients must be able to express themselves openly and honestly as they recover.
  • Romantic interests may distract patients – Although most rehab centers have strict rules that prohibit patients from pursuing romantic interests during treatment, romantic connections inevitably form. These relationships can be a distraction from the overall purpose of treatment, which is to achieve Vicodin addiction recovery, not to find a romantic partner.

Gender-specific issues can be deeply personal, and recovering among people of the opposite sex can lead to feelings of anxiety and vulnerability. Gender-specific treatment provides a non-threatening, safe environment. In gender-specific treatment, most patients are able to fully focus on recovery, without feeling inhibited or becoming distracted by romantic interests.

Need Help Finding Vicodin Addiction Treatment?

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