How to Party without Vicodin

How to Party without VicodinMany people abuse Vicodin to relax and have fun, because this drug can cause a euphoric high. These feelings can help people have fun at parties, especially when users mix Vicodin with other substances, like alcohol. Additionally, many parties promote drug abuse by offering prescription pills in a bowl for people to take. However, there are other healthier ways to relax, have fun and party without Vicodin. If you need to quit Vicodin, you can still have fun if you plan activities that do not involve this debilitating substance.

How to Have Fun without Vicodin

Consider the following tips when trying to party without Vicodin:

  • Take a vacation with friends to relax and have fun without Vicodin
  • Plan exciting activities that you will enjoy to offset boredom and to avoid drug cravings
  • Friends that are accustomed to drug use at parties may be disinterested in drug-free parties, so find new friends who do not use drugs to overcome Vicodin use and have fun without drugs
  • Seek out new hobbies, travel to new and exciting places, meet new people and form intimate relationships to promote a positive self image apart from drugs. A healthy diet and exercise can also produce more natural energy and allow people to feel better both mentally and physically.
  • Many urban areas have regular sober events for people who want to have fun without drugs

Hosting drug-free parties can be beneficial when inviting people who are accustomed to drug use. Themed parties can create more excitement, and inviting people into the planning process can ensure that more people attend. Some ideas for a sober party include the following suggestions:

  • Movie night with snacks, drinks and a comfortable setting
  • Sports party with finger foods, desserts and seating centered around a large TV
  • An outdoor BBQ or potluck that offers yard games
  • A large bonfire with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and hot dogs
  • A dance party with a DJ that is costume themed

You will have better results at a drug-free party if you are intentional about preventing Vicodin or other drugs being present.

Help Finding Treatment for Vicodin Addiction

If you or someone you know struggles with Vicodin addiction and needs help, then please call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours a day to help you find treatment that will work for you. Don’t let addiction stand in the way of your fun any longer.