Getting Help for How You Feel Without Using Vicodin

Getting Help for How You Feel Without Using VicodinVicodin, a prescription drug made from acetaminophen and hydrocodone, is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Because Vicodin also gives the user a sense of well-being it is often abused by people with emotional trauma or mental health issues such as anxiety or depressive disorders. Users who have become addicted to Vicodin for these reasons can feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. If they continue using they run the risk of damaging their bodies and relationships (not to mention their lives). However, if they stop taking Vicodin, the emotional pain or negative emotions that they are battling could become more than they can bear. If you are in this situation you may feel like there is nothing that you can do to stop this damaging cycle of addiction. However, luckily, this is not true.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

It may be time for you to consider attending a rehab program, specifically, a Dual Diagnosis treatment center. Dual Diagnosis centers specialize in treating not only drug addictions, but also any co-occurring mental health issue. When an individual is both addicted to drugs or alcohol and suffering from a mental health or emotional disorder, that person has a co-occurring disorder. Though a mental health disorder and an addiction do not necessarily cause each other, you will have a greater chance at a successful recovery if you can treat both.

Many addicts who suffer from co-occurring disorders attend drug rehab and receive treatment only for their addiction. After rehab they can’t cope with the feelings brought on by their emotional disorder and revert to using to cope with their feelings. Attending a Dual Diagnosis facility lessens this risk of relapse. However, it should be noted that small relapses are considered normal for many former drug addicts. If you do relapse, don’t give up. Just consider it a momentary setback and move on.

Seek out support groups for Vicodin addicts who have co-occurring disorders. By attending a support group you gain a group of peers who understand the feelings that you are experiencing. Instead of feeling alone, you can express any struggles that you may experience with people who have suggestions on how to cope with your disorder without drugs.

Vicodin Addiction Help

If you are struggling with Vicodin addiction, call our toll-free helpline. We have specialists ready to answer any questions that you may have, and they can also advise you on the next step to take on your road to recover. We are available 24 hours a day to talk to you. You are not alone. Call us today.