Case Management for Long-Term Vicodin Addiction Recovery

Case Management for Long-Term Vicodin Addiction RecoveryRelapse is an unfortunate reality of Vicodin addiction recovery. With professional, individualized treatment an individual is equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools for maintaining long-term recovery, but one’s dedication and focus must remain constant in order to stay on-course.

Maintaining Vicodin addiction recovery is not easy to do, and there are many possible causes for relapse. One substantial cause is when addicts in recovery stop their treatment, or no longer feel it necessary to work to maintain their sobriety. Completing Vicodin addiction treatment is no walk in the park, but there are many people and professionals there helping the cause. Addicts in treatment possess a feeling of empowerment and renewal that serves to motivate and keep recovery the top priority. When individuals leave rehab or end treatment, that initial motivation can slip away and people can lose focus on their duties for maintaining long-term recovery. Relapse prevention, continued treatment or aftercare, and case management can all help a Vicodin addict avoid relapse during recovery.

What Is Case Management in the Vicodin Addiction Recovery Process?

Case management services address an addict’s long-term recovery needs. When an addict completes rehab or treatment, they are faced with the task of returning to their daily lives while maintaining their recovery and avoiding relapse. Adjusting to life after addiction is difficult, which is why continued treatment and after care are so beneficial; they keep the addict on-track and make maintaining long-term recovery the highest priority.

Case management will help patients follow through with their aftercare “plan.” The assigned case manager may perform a number of evaluations or meetings to monitor an addict’s progress. Case managers may:

  • Perform random urine drug screenings
  • Verify attendance at group or sponsor meetings
  • Make sure the recommended treatment, counseling, or therapy is still on-course
  • Check that the addict is staying on-track with school, work, activities and other community responsibilities

Case management will see to it that the addict can and will carry out their duties when it comes to maintaining long-term addiction recovery. A great benefit of case management is that the addict’s friends and family do not have to worry about “keeping tabs” on their loved one. Friends and family are able to provide their love, support, and encouragement, without stepping over relationship boundaries.

Find Vicodin Addiction Recovery Services with Case Management

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