Can Vicodin Cause Personality Disorders?

Can Vicodin Cause Personality Disorders?Vicodin is a prescription medication used to treat moderate pain, but Vicodin can be addictive and can have powerful effects on a user’s brain chemistry when abused. Because of these powerful effects, Vicodin has been known to cause personality disorder symptoms to worsen and even cause users to experience personality disorders they never experienced before abusing Vicodin. When a user suffers from a personality disorder and Vicodin addiction, each issue can cause the other to become worse. If you suffer from Vicodin addiction and a personality disorder, you should seek treatment immediately in order to recover.

Mental Health Disorders and Vicodin

Vicodin can cause just about any personality or mental health disorder to present in even the most mentally stable user. Vicodin disrupts a user’s brain chemistry, causing hormones and chemicals to become imbalanced, which can lead to mental health disorders. Vicodin may cause users to suffer from depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders and a host of other disorders. When users suffer from the symptoms of one of these disorders, they may turn to Vicodin for relief. This cycle of Vicodin abuse will cause both problems to continue to worsen if left untreated.

Treating Vicodin Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

When individuals suffer from both Vicodin addiction and a mental health disorder, they should receive treatment for both problems. Traditional addiction treatment will help with Vicodin addiction, but it may not focus on the relationship between Vicodin addiction and the mental health disorder. Dual Diagnosis treatment treats Vicodin addiction and mental health disorders at the same time, showing users the connection between their addiction and mental health and helping them to understand their problems. Dual Diagnosis treatment can be very successful for users suffering from Vicodin addiction and a mental disorder.

Get Help for Vicodin Addiction and Personality Disorders

If you are suffering from Vicodin addiction and a personality disorder, call our toll-free helpline today to learn more about Dual Diagnosis treatment and other treatment options. Our trained addiction experts are standing by 24 hours a day to help you with any concerns or questions you have regarding Vicodin addiction treatment. We want to help you find the treatment you need to recover from your addiction and deal with your personality disorder, so call now.