Vicodin Rehab Costs

Vicodin addiction can set in subtly, even when legitimate prescription drug use has become too prolonged or used in dosages that exceed physician and pharmacist recommendations. In some cases, Vicodin addiction can even occur when the drug — powered by its active ingredient, hydrocodone — has been taken as directed. Because of the drug’s effects on the brain’s dopamine systems, chemical imbalances can quickly segue into physical dependency on the opiate. When the need for Vicodin rehab becomes apparent, many addicted individuals and their loved ones become concerned about the prospective costs involved with receiving Vicodin addiction treatment. However, by gathering a few key resources, the vast majority of individuals can easily afford Vicodin rehab costs.

Private Insurance to Offset Vicodin Rehab Costs

One of the most effective ways to reduce the costs associated with Vicodin rehab is private insurance. Private insurance policies frequently cover the cost of residential treatment for prescription drug addiction and sometimes offer additional coverage that extends towards extra services associated with inpatient care — or even into the after-treatment period.

When approaching your insurance company about residential prescription drug rehab for Vicodin addiction, you may want to first ask a few important questions. Make sure to ask about lifetime limits on addiction treatment, eligibility requirements (such as a diagnosis by a therapist or prescription for rehab issued by a physician), and the range of services and types of Vicodin rehab facilities that are covered. You may also want to ask about the standing of your personal insurance policy, to ensure that your premiums are paid up and that you remain eligible for benefits. Additionally, you may want to inquire as to provisions for addiction treatment that may be included in your mental health coverage or holistic care coverage. In some cases, portions of Vicodin addiction treatment that are not covered under inpatient stays can be augmented by coverage in other areas.

Other Avenues to Reduce Vicodin Rehab Costs

In addition to options involved for those with private insurance, some individuals can find funding for Vicodin rehab through public health care (such as Medicaid or Medicare) or specialized government programs (such as Victims of Crime coverage or Veteran’s assistance). For those without any eligible insurance, or a deficit of coverage, many Vicodin rehab centers offer deferments on payments, payment plan options, or even scholarships or sliding scales in some cases. Other options for funding Vicodin rehab costs can involve employer programs, second mortgages, and personal loans from friends and family members – all viewed as an investment in the addicted individual’s personal and financial future.