Importance of Peer Support in Vicodin Rehab

Importance of Peer Support in Vicodin RehabOne of the most abused substances among teenagers and young adults is Vicodin. Vicodin is one of many prescription painkillers being abused to an alarming degree. According to the Mayo Clinic, abusers of Vicodin are likely to display symptoms such as confusion, poor coordination, and, in some cases, belligerence.

This sort of behavior also makes it easier for a subject to withdraw from social circles, as well as from family and friends. The addiction coupled with other symptoms, such as stealing and forging prescriptions, leads to isolation. Thus, according to many experts, it is important for the patient seeking treatment to also take part in peer counseling groups in addition to one-on-one counseling and other forms of treatment.

What Is Peer Counseling?

Peer counseling is a counseling group or initiative that puts substance abusers in connection with other addicts. Usually, substance abusers are connected with patients who have successfully completed treatment; sometimes, it is parallel counseling with individuals who are going through treatment simultaneously, offering each other support and accountability.

It is important to note that peer counseling should be a separate entity from family counseling so that there can be transparency. Family counseling is focused on restoring bonds and discovering familial secrets that may have led to the addiction. Peer counseling is about honesty with someone who has experienced similar misadventures while under the influence of a substance.

Counseling as Treatment

Peer counselors serve under a trained and licensed counselor and offer a more economical alternative. It is essential to remember that peer counseling can also take the form of support groups, as well as psychoeducational groups. They offer the patient a respite from being involved in intensive sessions.

This is an opportunity for patients to be honest without any repercussions that they may fear in other settings. The comfortable atmosphere offered by peer counseling can aid a patient in reaching his or her goals. It is yet another tool that will help the patient to succeed during and after treatment. It is important to seek treatment and even request peer counseling.

Addiction Help

If you or someone you love is dealing with substance abuse or addiction, you are not alone. Peer counseling is only one way that help may be found. Please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator who can help you find this and other treatment options. You are not alone; please call today.