Having the Right Expectations for Vicodin Rehab and Recovery

Vicodin, a combination of aspirin and hydrocodone, is prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain. Vicodin prescription holders may develop a dependency and eventually an addiction, especially if they use the medicine long term or increase their dosage. Vicodin addicts often experience denial, because their prescription was given to them by a medical doctor for a legitimate medical purpose. Thisfact may allow themto justify their compulsive habits, as they claim to be using the medicine for pain. Vicodin addiction is roughly defined as the continued abuse of Vicodin, despite negative consequences. Itis a chronic disease that is treatable through a professional rehab program.

Addiction is unique among diseases, as it requires not only medical care for physical ailments but also emotional support and counseling. Patients physically recover from addiction through detox, which cleanses the body of toxins that built up during drug abuse. In a professional rehab center, detox is medically supervised, as the patient’s body may go into withdrawal. A successful detox eliminates physical addiction to Vicodin, which is a crucial stepping stone. However, though the importance of detox should not be trivialized, it is a common misconception that detox and recovery are one in the same. The psychological therapy that follows detoxis just as essential to recovery. In counseling, patients identify the root causes of their drug abuse, in order to address the problem at its source.

Rehabilitation Is Not a Cure for Vicodin Addiction

Though rehab often rejuvenates an addict’s life, itis not an easy process. It requires the dedication of patients, who work to cultivate new lifestyles free from substance abuse. Furthermore, rehab does not cureaddiction. Instead, Vicodin addiction recovery is a lifelong process, often accompanied by temptations that cause possible relapses.

To help ensure a long lasting recovery, addicts need a support network, which can be provided by rehab. In rehab, addicts bond and share experiences with others in similar situations.Because rehab is emotionally and physically draining, patients are likely to form deep relationships that last longer than the treatment program. Also, through the service known as aftercare, patients continue attending support group meetings, even at the conclusion of treatment. With this type of continued support, a Vicodin addictcan stay clean for a lifetime.

Need Helping Finding Vicodin Addiction Treatment?

If you fear you or someone you know may be addicted to Vicodin, please, dial our toll-free helpline for instant support from an addiction professional.We can answer your questions and recommend a treatment program that is right for you or your loved one. We can also check your insurance info for your level of coverage. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, so feel free to call us at any time. You can begin the recovery process today. Just give us a call.