Finding New Ways to Cope after Vicodin Addiction

Finding New Ways to Cope after Vicodin AddictionVicodin addiction can be extremely painful, especially if use is prolonged and intense. Not only does the body become dependent on the drug, but Vicodin can also become psychologically addictive. Because Vicodin is often used to suppress emotions or cope with stressful feelings, it can be extremely difficult to learn how to develop new coping skills that can replace a Vicodin addiction.

Ways to Cope after Vicodin Addiction

After the initial addiction treatment and rehabilitation process comes to a close, those who formerly abused Vicodin are faced with the challenge of incorporating more healthy ways of coping into their new sober lifestyle as opposed to relying on Vicodin use to get them through. Some of the best ways to cope after surviving a Vicodin addiction can include the following:

  • Develop a positive social network – Maintaining a network filled with positive, uplifting, drug-free people can help a recovering user cope with life’s challenges. Having people in their lives willing to be a source of happiness and support for them will make addicts less likely to use Vicodin as a coping mechanism.
  • Stay busy – Developing hobbies and participating in activities is one of the best ways for a recovering Vicodin addict to find new sources of fun and stress-relief in his or her life. By engaging in something that stimulates the mind and body in a positive way, a recovering user can release any pent up emotions that could have otherwise caused a relapse.
  • Learn to relax – Many people who end up using Vicodin usually do so because they find it difficult to let go of worries or fears and find themselves looking for fast ways to relax. It is important for recovering addicts to learn how to relax without the use of Vicodin by participating in relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation, therapy and/or massage.

In addition to maintaining strong, positive relationships, keeping busy and learning to relax, recovering Vicodin addicts can also practice good coping skills by talking with a therapist or sponsor about their fears about possible relapse and continuing to attend outpatient therapy.

The Importance of Developing Good Coping Skills

It is extremely important for recovering Vicodin users to develop strong coping skills primarily because when they do so, they will be able to prevent themselves from relapsing in the future. These skills can also aid them in restructuring their relationships, building new ones and creating a future for themselves free of Vicodin addiction.

Do You Need Treatment for a Vicodin Addiction?

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