Common Excuses for Leaving Rehab and Why You Should Ignore Them

Common Excuses for Leaving Rehab and Why You Should Ignore Them

Even people who really want to put an end to addiction and find recovery have excuses for why they will not or cannot complete rehab. Excuses are common before a person even gets to rehab, but they also arise when a person wants to leave rehab early.

People wanting to leave rehab often give excuses out of fear or frustration. It is imperative to ignore these excuses in order to get the help you need. Rehab is not going to be easy. You will never gain anything of significance without having to put in some work, effort or dedication. Rehab is a process for healing, growth, and change, and these changes do not happen overnight.

How to Stay in Rehab Despite Your Excuses

By learning about the common excuses to leave rehab you can understand how to ignore and avoid the temptation to quit early. Some common excuses for leaving rehab early include the following:

  • Detox is too painful or difficult to endure – Evidence shows that the first week of drug rehab is the most common time for people to bow-out or reconsider their decision to get treatment. Withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings take a toll, and the addict is still overwhelmed by the initial changes of leaving his old lifestyle and entering a new environment. This is why it is vital to seek professional detox help. Recovery professionals can make the detox process as “comfortable” as possible, minimizing withdrawal symptoms and cravings with medications, proper nutrition and hydration, rest and gradually weaning patients from and addictive substance. Overcoming the initial week of rehab is huge, and once patients devote themselves to overcoming their addiction, they will find the road to recovery much easier.
  • I don’t belong here – Denial doesn’t always go away the instant an addict chooses to get help. After arriving at rehab, or attending a first meeting, old feelings of denial may set in causing the addict to believe he is different, smarter, stronger, or not as affected as the other people that surround him. To avoid these feelings it is best to make sure the addict chooses a program with like-minded peers. The individual should also be educated on denial and reminded about why rehab is the best option for recovery.
  • I do not like rehab – This excuse can sometimes be legitimate, as many people choose a rehab program based on convenience rather than looking for rehab options that truly meet their needs. A person is not going to actively participate in treatment if she does not feel safe, secure or comfortable. The addict will build up walls that prevent growth, change and recovery, so it is important to make sure a person finds the treatment options that best suit her individual needs.
  • Professional help is not necessary, I can do this on my own – Some addicts may be overconfident in rehab or intimidated by some treatment methods and assume that they can overcome their addiction on their own terms. Addiction is not a battle of will, it is a medical disease. Obviously the power of addiction is stronger than willpower, which is why people fall victim to addiction in the first place.

The longer people attend rehab and continue treatment, they more prepared they will be to maintain recovery back in the real world.

Looking for Addiction Rehab and Treatment Services?

Leaving rehab early, plain and simple, is a terrible idea that will most likely result in a failed attempt at recovery. If you need to change programs, treatment methods or facilities, speak up and let a recovery professional hear your concerns and frustrations. It is everyone’s goal to help the addict achieve recovery, and making adjustments throughout the treatment process is not uncommon.

If you are looking for rehab or addiction treatment services, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline and a recovery professional will be happy to assist you.