Vicodin Detox Symptoms

During Vicodin detox, the physical self begins to heal from both the pull of addiction and the effects of prolonged Vicodin abuse on the body. Detoxification from Vicodin is necessary in order to break the physical bonds of addiction, as the body acknowledges and deals with the chemical imbalances created by the opiate narcotic. Additionally, after a period of cessation, the body begins regular and natural production of key neurochemicals — particularly dopamine. These processes enable the addicted individual to return to a state of well-being and calm without the use of Vicodin, and cravings for the prescription drug subside. Professional Vicodin detox can accelerate and ease this process of withdrawal from Vicodin, while promoting health and mental well-being as patients move through this vital stage of recovery.

Physical Vicodin Detox Symptoms

During Vicodin detoxification, withdrawal symptoms may arise as the body begins the journey back to its natural state. Withdrawing individuals may find themselves encountering Vicodin detox symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, chills, cold flashes or goosebumps. Abdominal issues may arise as the body’s digestive system begins to readjust, including instances of constipation or diarrhea. Additionally, some individuals detoxifying from Vicodin addiction find themselves experiencing higher sensitivity to physical pain (particularly in the muscles, bones and joints), dehydration and muscle spasms or involuntary jerks in the limbs. Some individuals may also encounter symptoms of restlessness, profuse sweating, watery eyes, rhinorrhea or appetite reduction.

Psychological Vicodin Detox Symptoms

Psychological effects of Vicodin withdrawal can also set in, necessitating mental health counseling during the withdrawal phase. These psychological withdrawal symptoms can involve mood swings, difficulty sleeping, irritability, paranoia, anxiety and depression — even, in some cases, to the point of suicidal ideation. Fortunately, with supportive counseling, patients typically pass through Vicodin withdrawal symptoms in a matter of two weeks or less — and both psychological and physical symptoms tend to lessen with each day of sobriety.

Locating Effective Vicodin Detox Programs

If you or someone close to you suffers from Vicodin addiction, detoxification can be the first step in the re-achievement of sobriety. In a safe, sober environment, Vicodin detox can provide nonaddictive, medically supervised care for individuals attempting to recover from Vicodin addiction. Our 24-hour helpline is connected to some of the top prescription drug detoxification programs in the country and our counselors are ready to listen to your story and take your call, seven days a week. We invite you to reach out for help with Vicodin addiction and begin the journey of a sober lifetime.