Work-Related Stress and Vicodin Addiction

Work-Related Stress and Vicodin AddictionEmployment can cause considerable stress and anxiety throughout the day, which can encourage people to abuse drugs to feel better. In fact, stress from work may send workers to drugs like Vicodin to find temporary relief, because this drug can create relaxation that all people need. Vicodin use at work may even begin as a legal way to treat moderate pain, but this may easily lead to substance abuse. In fact, some jobs can lead drug seekers to fake pain symptoms to obtain the drug. If you or someone you know has work stress and abuses Vicodin, then seek professional help as soon as possible to encourage recovery.

Effects of Work-Related Stress

The following problems can cause work-related stress:

  • Fear of being fired due to absences or lay offs
  • Long and hard hours for little pay
  • Pressure to meet high demands
  • Poor job satisfaction
  • Bad work environment
  • Unfriendly co-workers or bosses
  • Being unable to meet certain expectations

Work-related stress often leads to drug and alcohol abuse because workers may not know another way to cope. Many workers feel stuck in positions they dislike because they need the money and commonly believe they cannot find more suitable work. However, stress commonly causes people to be dissatisfied with life, which often leads to drug abuse.

How to Cope with Work-Related Stress without Vicodin

By treating work-related stress, quality of life increases while the need for Vicodin decreases. People can decrease work-related stress without Vicodin in the following ways:

  • Eating healthier foods can decrease moods swings and irritability that often lead to stress
  • Have a healthy way to relieve stress, such as boxing, running or cycling
  • Avoiding cigarettes or alcohol abuse to relieve stress
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep at night or taking naps during the day
  • Keeping an organized schedule that allows regular breaks and time to relax
  • Having a healthy hobby that provides personal enjoyment
  • Taking regular time off to reenergize when vacation time is allotted
  • Utilizing workplace counselors or outside therapists to work through seemingly unmanageable stress

Work-related stress that causes substance abuse can often lead to addiction if people avoid professional treatment. Seek out immediate help from a licensed rehab center, because you can recover if you have the right help.

Help Treating Vicodin Addiction and Work-Related Stress

If you or someone you know struggles with Vicodin addiction work-related stress, then seek help right now. Call our toll-free helpline today, because our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to help you find treatment that will work for you. Overcome your addiction and stress by calling us today.