Vicodin Use Problems among 25-40 Year-Olds

Vicodin Use Problems among 25-40 Year-OldsAccording to the results of a 2010 Monitoring the Future Study, approximately 5.1 million people abused prescription opiates that year. Vicodin, a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, was one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs. While opium painkillers like Vicodin can relieve the suffering of patients who have a medical need for it, this drug also present several problems when it is abused. Due to the availability of this drug, its pleasurable effects and its addictive properties, many people who abuse Vicodin become dependent upon or addicted to the substance. Addiction puts a user’s health at great risk.

Who Uses Vicodin and Why?

Results from a 2005 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration study show that .19 percent of adults aged 26 or older used Vicodin non-medically. While teens aged 12-25 years old are affected by the prescription drug epidemic, there is no denying that young adults and middle-aged adults account for a large portion of Vicodin users. In fact, according to the National Survey of Drug Use and Health almost 23,000 individuals across the United States used Vicodin recreationally in 2008. The following factors contribute to Vicodin abuse within this age group:

  • Physical pain – Injuries and illness can lead people to seek relief through Vicodin abuse, many times without the proper pain management resources. Anytime someone takes Vicodin without a prescription or in doses different from those prescribed, then that is considered abuse.
  • Stress/ anxiety – The pressure of living in a performance-based society can make adults in this age group feel that their successes are tethered to what they can accomplish. This can cause great stress and anxiety, which can lead people to seek escape and relaxation through the euphoric high that Vicodin produces.
  • Legal availability – While many teenagers exhibit risk-taking behavior, adults are less likely to jeopardize their careers, families and health through using illicit drugs. Prescription drugs are readily available and legal to obtain, which can make older people who have established a career and family more inclined to use drugs that are safe in certain circumstances.

If you abuse drugs and are over the age of 25, you must seek specialized help to overcome your problems.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment for 25-40 Year-Olds

Numerous treatment options help people who struggle with Vicodin addiction. The first step of a professional treatment program will be detox, followed by counseling and therapy for a comprehensive recovery. Many addicts in this age group have families, and most treatment programs will allow their families to be involved the addict’s recovery by participating in therapy and other activities. Outpatient programs may appeal to people who cannot afford time off from work or responsibilities at home.

Help for Vicodin Addiction

If you or a loved one is addicted to Vicodin, call our toll-free helpline today to learn about treatment options. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you find the treatment option that suits your specific needs. Please call today for instant support.