Vicodin Dependence after Surgery

Vicodin Dependence after SurgeryTo manage pain after surgery, your doctor may prescribe Vicodin, but even in moderate amounts you can quickly become addicted to this drug. Many people believe that prescription drugs are safer than street drugs; however, an increasing number of people are addicted to prescription drugs, and often to strong painkillers like Vicodin. Even if you are addicted to this drug, you should know that you can quit and avoid drug abuse in the future if you seek professional help.

Causes of Vicodin Addiction

Whether you have had something as minor as dental surgery or as invasive as an organ transplant, you may find that Vicodin makes a huge difference in your ability to manage pain once you leave the hospital. Unfortunately, even when you take a doctor’s recommended dosage, you may still build a tolerance to the drug, which means that you will need to increase your dosage to manage your pain. In other words, a prescribed dose will relieve less pain as you become used to the drug. To handle this, you may take extra doses of the medication or ask your doctor for additional prescriptions, or else you will experience worse pain. Many people become addicted to Vicodin through this way, so note that even by taking the recommended dosage, you could still pave the way to addiction.

The Dangers of Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin dependency creates a number of dangers, some of which include impaired judgment, dizziness, constipation, nausea, drowsiness and irrational behavior. Furthermore, heavy users may experience life-threatening effects, like liver damage and failure, jaundice, respiratory distress, seizures, altered mental states, hallucinations, anxiety and confusion. Any addiction can wreak havoc on an addict, as it could lead to job loss, isolation from friends and family members, losing your home and much more.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Getting into rehab is a great way to break free from addiction. The Vicodin withdrawal process can often cause discomfort, which is why it is essential that addicts receive help from trained medical professionals, because they can make the rehab process run as smoothly as possible. Becoming addicted to Vicodin after surgery may lead to severe pain that needs treatment, which is why many rehab centers specialize in Dual Diagnosis treatment, which addresses multiple health issues at the same time. For instance, one of these rehab centers can help people not only break a Vicodin addiction, but it will also help them manage the pain that accompanies recovery from surgery. With the right help, you can get well.

Vicodin Addiction Help

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to discuss your concerns with our professional counselors. Calls are confidential and will be handled with the urgency that your Vicodin addiction deserves. Get help today and manage both your problems with one call.