You Can Get Clean from Vicodin

Vicodin addiction has remained a central focus of the prescription drug epidemic that has plagued the United States. Of the more than 15 million Americans who admit to having abused prescription drugs in the last 12 months, just under 80 percent have made prescription painkillers their drugs of choice. However, despite the strong physical and psychological addiction that opiate analgesics like Vicodin can create, you can get clean from Vicodin addiction. We can offer help for those who have fallen into Vicodin addiction themselves – as well as those seeking addiction recovery treatment on behalf of a loved one. Call our toll-free number today.

Obstacles to Getting Clean from Vicodin

According to a 2009 study, prescription narcotic drugs were the most abused drugs in the nation. Despite the prevalence of prescription drug addiction, many individuals addicted to drugs like Vicodin simply do not seek help for their condition. Factors such as misconceptions about the risks of Vicodin addiction, the forces of denial inherent to chemical dependency of any kind, fears about inpatient addiction treatment and the deterrent of cravings and withdrawal symptoms all impede individuals with Vicodin addiction from seeking adequate and timely treatment.

For many individuals, the sheer lack of social stigma around prescription drug addiction tends to normalize cases of Vicodin dependency, making it more challenging for dependent individuals to recognize their respective addictions, as well. This phenomenon is furthered by the involvement of physicians in prescribing Vicodin – often, for legitimate medical maladies – which serves to bolster rationalizations around use.

The Value of Residential Vicodin Addiction Treatment

From managed detoxification services that provide medical supervision, vital sign monitoring and withdrawal symptom management to therapeutic counseling and wellness activities offered in a supportive, serene environment, residential Vicodin addiction treatment can offer a turning point for those mired in drug addiction.  Whether you have been affected by Vicodin addiction for a matter of months or years, effective and comprehensive treatment regimens can offer compassionate care to guide you through the recovery process from enrollment to transitional planning.

You Can Get Clean from Vicodin and We Can Help

If you recognize the signs of Vicodin addiction – including the hallmarks of increasing or more frequent dosages – we can help you get clean from Vicodin by referring you to some of the nation’s finest prescription drug recovery programs. We invite you to call our toll-free help line 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in order to obtain Vicodin recovery information from one of our compassionate care counselors.