4 Ways to Support a Friend Recovering from Vicodin Abuse

4 Ways to Support a Friend Recovering from Vicodin AbuseRecovering from Vicodin abuse is a difficult process that often requires extensive support from multiple many people. Friends often have extensive knowledge about the personal life of a recovering Vicodin abuser, because she may have spent more time with the user than some family members or other supporters. This close relationship allows a friend to offer support and encouragement to a recovering Vicodin abuser. 4 helpful ways to support a friend who is recovering from Vicodin abuse include the following examples:

  • Learn about addiction – To offer the best support possible, it can be beneficial to research the recovery process for Vicodin abuse. Learning about recovery can teach you what to expect and prepare you for different stages of the process. Education about the recovery process can also help you identify warning signs of relapse so you can avoid certain triggers.
  • Ensure sober environments – As friends often spend a lot of time together it can be beneficial to ensure that the activities you perform are always conducive to sobriety. Going to drug stores or parties where drugs will be would encourage relapse. Be creative to come up with new activities that replace old ones. Provide a sober environment to support a friend’s recovery.
  • Encourage continued treatment – Aftercare and continued treatment can be essential for supporting long-term addiction recovery. Encourage a friend recovering from Vicodin abuse to continue attending therapy sessions, further encourage participation in 12-step meetings and any other form of relapse prevention treatment, because these are the most important ways to ensure that the friend maintains sobriety. Actively seeking out other means of professional support for the friend can also be beneficial.
  • Be available and willing – Simply available for the friend to rely on can be the most beneficial way to support her recovery. Recovering from Vicodin abuse often brings many struggles that users must overcome. Being willing to help with transportation, job searching and even finding a sober living environment are often necessary parts of recovery support.

Having a trusted and honest friend to rely on during the Vicodin addiction recovery can be one of the most welcome means of support for a recovering abuser. Seek help so you can learn how to support long-term addiction recovery for any loved one.

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