Teachers and Vicodin Addiction

Teachers and Vicodin AddictionTeachers play a vital role in helping students understand the dangers of drug abuse. Because many kids lack good examples and advice at home, school programs and teachers are an important aspect of drug abuse awareness and prevention in society. Teachers are role models and disciplinarians who guide students not only toward academic, but also personal success. Unfortunately, teachers who abuse Vicodin checker their examples, and they need to seek professional help to recover.

Why Teachers Abuse Vicodin

Vicodin is a prescription painkiller, so many people use it to induce a euphoric high. Only patients with a prescription from a physician can use the drug, but the high that comes from drug abuse can lead many people to misuse their prescriptions, or to seek drugs from a friend. This kind of drug abuse can lead to increased tolerance and eventual dependence.

Teachers may abuse Vicodin for any of the following reasons:

  • Stress – Many teachers work an incredible amount while they manage professional relationships, students’ issues and students’ parents and personal lives. In addition, many teachers think their salaries are too low for their workload, all of which can cause them to abuse Vicodin to feel calm, carefree and momentarily free from pressure.
  • Mental health issues – The factors mentioned above can affect a teacher’s mental health to cause anxiety, depression and other issues. Some teachers self-medicate these problems without realizing that, in doing so, they exacerbate mental health struggles and greatly endanger their physical health.
  • Physical pain – Physicians often prescribe Vicodin to patients so they can recover from an injury or manage chronic pain. Because teaching is such a demanding career, teachers may increase their drug dosage to deal with pain, to get back on schedule or to avoid letting their students down.

If you or a teacher you know abuses Vicodin, then seek professional help as soon as possible before drug abuse starts affecting students.

How a Teacher’s Vicodin Abuse can Affect Students

Vicodin endangers a teacher’s livelihood, because drug abuse threatens his job. Teachers who abuse Vicodin may become lethargic and less involved, which will disconnect him from his students. Addicts prioritize obtaining the drug, even if it means making personal and professional sacrifices. This means that teachers who are addicts will not provide the kind of education that students need. Even more unsettling is that impressionable young people may even notice their teacher’s drug use, which could create unhealthy views of drug use that could change the rest of the students’ lives.

Many teachers hide their drug abuse because they fear how addiction will affect their careers. However, the longer drug abuse and addiction continue, the more it affects people with physical, mental, emotional, and professional problems. In other words, seek help today to begin recovery.

Vicodin Addiction Help for Teachers

If you or a loved one struggles with Vicodin addiction, call our toll-free helpline to speak with our admissions coordinators about treatment options. They are available 24 hours a day to help you find the treatment you need, so don’t wait when treatment is so readily accessible.