Inner City Vicodin Use

Inner City Vicodin UseThe inner city is no stranger to drug abuse, but drug use preferences have changed over time. As it has become more fashionable to abuse prescription medications along with or in place of illegal substances, city dwellers have kept up with the times. Prescription drugs like Vicodin are a valuable commodity in drug-heavy areas, surpassing five dollars per pill. However, rehab can help people in any area overcome this problem.

Reasons for Vicodin Use in Inner Cities

Though they may live in heavily populated areas, residents of the inner city may abuse Vicodin addiction for the same reasons as anyone else, which are as follows:

  • Stress at home, work or both
  • Inability to access previously-used illegal drugs that produce similar effects. This may happen from widespread drug-related arrests, a drop in drug availability, rising prices or other factors.
  • Onset of addiction during use of Vicodin for medical reasons
  • Peer pressure from friends who use Vicodin or similar drugs to relax or feed drug habits
  • Influence from parents or other role models who abuse drugs

Vicodin is such a popular drug because it is legal, which makes it easier to obtain than illegal opiates such as morphine or heroin. As an opioid, Vicodin can be even more powerful than the aforementioned drugs, so do not underestimate an addiction to this drug. The euphoric effects of this depressant induce psychological addiction because of the restful, escapist feeling they provide while relieving pain.

Victims of Inner City Vicodin Use

Just as Vicodin abuse may stem from multiple reasons, a cross-section of users reveal that addiction also affects the following varied demographics:

  • High-profile white-collar workers with demanding jobs
  • Children or dependents of drug addicts with access to drug stashes
  • Drug dealers and suppliers
  • Low-income workers seeking to escape the hopelessness of their current positions
  • Medical patients in extreme pain who feel phantom pains when they cannot take Vicodin as frequently as normal

There are many more users, but this small sampling conveys the wide reach of Vicodin abuse.

Vicodin Addiction Recovery for Inner City Users

If you know a Vicodin addict in the inner city, then call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to provide confidential advice on professional and effective treatment to find permanent freedom from addiction. Call us today and let us help you recover from this debilitating problem.