How Much Should I Tell My Kids about My Vicodin Addiction?

How Much Should I Tell My Kids about My Vicodin Addiction?Most are taught from an early age that a prescription should be followed to the letter. Because of this, when a parent becomes addicted to a prescription, she may feel like she has failed a basic responsibility. Confronting the addiction can feel shameful, embarrassing, and even depressing; but, it must be confronted, and the kids need to know what’s going on.

What Should I Tell My Kids about My Vicodin Addiction?

The information that a child needs to know greatly depends on age but can be divided into these chronological categories:

  • Toddlers: Toddlers do not need and will not understand technical details, so try not to get too complicated. Try to tell them about the problem as simply as possible, and let them know help is being sought.
  • Grade school: By this time most children will have had a couple of DARE meetings or the like and have learned about drugs. Be patient and inform them of the addiction and that the addicted parent will be getting help at a professional rehab center. Be prepared for questions. Let them know that they didn’t cause the problem, don’t need to take any sort of responsibility, and that they are much loved.
  • Teenagers: Teens should know many details concerning addiction. They may ask detailed questions. Be ready for any hurt feelings or worry that they might express. Make sure to ask their thoughts and feelings if they don’t express them, but be patient and do not press. Like with grade school children, remind them that the addiction is not their fault and that they are loved.

In every case, make sure the addiction doesn’t interrupt your children’s daily lives. These stages are important to their development and they should not carry the burden of a parent’s addiction. However, it is important that your children hear this to maintain a healthy trusting relationship. Generally speaking, the younger the child, the quicker she should go back to her daily routine, especially toddlers.

When explaining rehab to grade school children, consider explaining to them that being at a rehab center is like going to the doctor, but may take much longer than usual doctor visits. Help the child understand that the addicted parent is going away to get better. When considering a professional rehab center, be sure to choose a center that allows family visits for the children.

How to Recover from Vicodin Addiction

By calling our toll-free helpline, you will be put in touch with professionals who will guide you to rehab centers, and they will be able to give you expert addiction advice. We are always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do the best for your kids and call now!