How Money Is a Factor in Vicodin Use

How Money Is a Factor in Vicodin UseSome prescription drugs are notoriously expensive, and Vicodin is no exception. The cost of prescription Vicodin is manageable when purchased in small quantities for medical use. However, addicts need significantly higher amounts to fulfill their cravings, making the cost much greater. In fact, the cost can be monumental and will keep rising as addicts take larger doses to maintain their habit. This financial burden can cause a number of problems financially in addition to the negative side effects of Vicodin abuse.

How Vicodin Abuse Affects People Financially

Drug addiction is an all-consuming illness. Though you may be able to manage your responsibilities and relationships when you first start using, eventually, you will find that you devote all of your time and money to support your habit. This can deplete your finances. Instead of spending your money on necessities like food, clothes or bills, you will be tempted to spend it all on Vicodin. This can lead to a number of financial woes. Many drug addicts have lost their homes and cars because they neglect to pay their bills. Also, drug addiction directly affects your work ethic and reliability. Because of this, many Vicodin addicts find themselves unemployed and unable to hold down a steady job. But, because they still need to keep their supply of drugs, many addicts turn to desperate means for money. This can be quite dangerous for any addict.

Also, when the price of a prescription medication is too expensive or it is too hard to obtain drugs from a doctor, addicts may seek drug dealers. Though illegally sold prescription drugs are less expensive than legal prescriptions, they are often cut with dangerous chemicals and substances that can harm people. Some drugs are mixed with flour, sugar and occasionally rat poison. If your street Vicodin is mixed with a dangerous substance, you could suffer deadly side effects such as slowed respiration, coma and heart attack.

Help for Vicodin Addiction

If your Vicodin addiction is ruining your life, then you should call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. Our addiction specialists can answer your questions about Vicodin abuse and addiction. They can also help you decide what step to take next in getting professional help. You do not have to be a slave to Vicodin addiction any longer. With the treatment at a rehab program you can reclaim your finances and your life. All you have to do is call us and get connected with caring professionals.