How Does Narcissism Relate to Vicodin Addiction?

How Does Narcissism Relate to Vicodin Addiction?Narcissism is the shortened name for narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Many people who suffer from this illness endured severe trauma during childhood, or they have a chemical imbalance in their brains. A submerged, self-deprecatory nature can easily lead someone with NPD to seek unreasonable admiration for his personality and abilities, some of which may be greatly exaggerated or even invented. The problem with this disorder is it can cripple people socially, which may affect them in many other ways.

Symptoms of Narcissism

People with narcissistic personality disorder may exude any of the following symptoms:

  • Violent backlash against correction or mockery
  • Unconcern for how her actions affect others
  • Constant bragging and showing off
  • Fantasies of his own self-importance, and displeasure when others debunk or question these fantasies
  • Expecting preferential treatment in all circumstances
  • Believing that she is the most intelligent, qualified, etc. person present
  • Restlessness or attention-commanding behavior if he feels ignored
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

The final item in this list is especially important, because someone with NPD wishes others to think she is in control at all times. The problem with this is that drugs relieve the self-loathing that usually underpins narcissism. Thus, although she may have a drug addiction, she will be the last to admit it, because attending treatment is tantamount to admitting every condemning thought she has ever had about herself. In short, narcissism affects addiction by encouraging patients to avoid treatment.

How Vicodin Addiction Affects People with NPD

Vicodin is a chemical compound of two powerful analgesics, hydrocodone and paracetamol. This pill helps relieve pain, but it is also quite addictive. However, its mind-altering properties make it widely popular in people who abuse drugs recreationally. For the narcissist, abusing Vicodin muddles his thoughts and relaxes his body, which helps him escape from uncomfortable reflections about himself and fall asleep faster. The problem with Vicodin abuse is that it escalates very quickly into addiction. Therefore, while people may take this drug to relax, an addiction to this drug creates agitation, nausea, dependence and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Someone in such a position must see how this habit destroys not only his own life, but also those of others. This means that the patient may require excessive help, perhaps even an intervention.

Help for Co-occurring Vicodin Addiction and Narcissism

If you or your loved one has a co-occurring Vicodin addiction and narcissistic personality disorder, please call our helpline for instant and professional support. We are available at a toll-free, 24 hour helpline to answer your questions and discuss recovery options with you. Freedom is possible, from both addiction and mental illness. Call us today for more information.