Benefits and Risks of Using Vicodin

Benefits and Risks of Using VicodinPeople use and abuse Vicodin for many different reasons. Vicodin is a prescription pain-relieving drug that can be beneficial in relieving moderate to severe pain. If you are in a lot of pain, then receiving a Vicodin prescription may help. However, Vicodin contains hydrocodone, which is considered a narcotic pain-reliever and can be highly addictive. Caution should always be observed when taking Vicodin in order to avoid dependence and addiction.

Vicodin Abuse and Addiction

Vicodin use can lead to dependence and addiction whether you intend for it to or not. This is partly due to a process called tolerance. Your body will attempt to adjust to the influx of Vicodin, essentially neutralizing its effects when your body has fully recalibrated to expect it. If you take your regular dose of Vicodin and the pain does not go away as it normally does, do not simply take more Vicodin and hope that it works with a higher dose. Your pain probably will go away with a higher dose, but you are risking increased levels of dependence, and ultimately addiction. If you notice that your body has stopped responding to your regular dose of Vicodin, call your doctor or pharmacist immediately to find out what you should do. Vicodin abuse and addiction can be extremely harmful both physically and mentally/emotionally and should be avoided at all costs. Vicodin addiction can cause you to do the following:

  • Harm your relationships with your closest friends and family
  • Lose your job and possibly not be able to find a new
  • Run into legal trouble by trying to obtain and finance an increasing need for the medication
  • Cause permanent damage to your body through reckless accidents and injuries through to wear from excessive drug intake

These kinds of damages to your lifestyle can be devastating. Always use caution when taking prescription Vicodin in order to avoid these sometimes long-lasting damages.

Benefits and Risks of Vicodin

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