Treatment Referrals

Obtaining Vicodin addiction treatment referrals often represents the first steps toward treatment of drug addiction to the prescription opiate. While the majority of insurance companies will provide a list of covered Vicodin inpatient rehabilitation centers, many addicted individuals – and their loved ones – simply do not know where to start. Fortunately, there are a host of resources to select from, as you seek Vicodin treatment referrals.

Sources for Vicodin Addiction Treatment Referrals

Here are just a few of the individuals, experts and resources that can provide referrals to the nation’s top Vicodin treatment facilities.

  • Referral Specialists
    Due to the vast number of prescription drug rehabilitation centers in existence, many individuals call addiction rehab referral hotlines in order to decide on a treatment center. Referral specialists tend to provide comprehensive advice, feature comparisons between centers and give insurance coverage information to callers free of charge.
  • Clinical Therapists
    In many cases, insurance companies will require that clinical therapists provide a treatment referral in order to establish the necessity for Vicodin addiction treatment. Speaking with a clinical therapist can help fulfill the necessary diagnostic criteria for professional addiction rehabilitation, as well as help identify preliminary issues that may be apparent contributing factors to the addiction at hand. Clinical therapists routinely refer patients for addiction treatment, and can likely provide names of residential treatment centers that specialize in prescription drug addiction.
  • Prior Rehabilitation Centers
    Not every individual comes to rehab with identical issues or the same severity of addiction. In some cases of Vicodin addiction, patients do not adequately recover within the typical course of an outpatient Vicodin recovery program – or even over the course of a typical 30-day stay at a Vicodin inpatient recovery center. In these cases, recovery assessments may be made towards the end of a rehabilitation stay that point to more intensive treatment for those who need it. Recommendations for sober living facilities or prescription drug inpatient rehabilitation programs may be made by the patient’s initial treatment center or outpatient program.
  • Addiction Intervention Specialists
    For many, Vicodin intervention services can help friends and families who have come to a place where they recognize a loved one’s extreme need for expedient drug addiction treatment. Vicodin intervention services can help send a unified message to the addicted individual, in order to help them recognize their need for drug addiction treatment – and often require pre-intervention planning for Vicodin addiction inpatient treatment stays. Intervention specialists also can provide referrals to friends and family members of Vicodin-addicted individuals, due to years of experience in the addiction treatment arena.