When Vicodin addiction has taken hold, professional addiction services may become necessary in order to make progress towards recovery. From intervention services to transitional shadowing services, addiction professionals can provide a host of options tailored to your personal progress in overcoming addiction to the prescription opiate. With the aid of Vicodin recovery services, many individuals can streamline their addiction rehabilitation or gain extra support necessary in order to thoroughly heal from chemical dependency.

Types of Vicodin Recovery Services

Here are just a few of the Vicodin recovery services that can prove useful as you make your journey out of drug addiction and into sober living.

  • Vicodin Intervention Services
    When an individual has not yet recognized his or her need for Vicodin addiction rehabilitation, friends and family often stage an intervention in order to make an impact on the addicted individual. Through a united front, loved ones and associates express how they are personally affected by the addicted individual’s prescription drug use. Sometimes, such meetings can be emotionally charged and chaotic; as such, Vicodin intervention specialists may be hired in order to properly time, guide and follow up on the intervention for the best outcome.
  • Vicodin Professional Detoxification Services
    In order to break the physical portion of Vicodin addiction, professional detoxification services are often necessary. By promoting a sober environment as the Vicodin-addicted individual withdraws from the prescription opiate, Vicodin detoxification services also involve medical supervision, diagnostic testing, craving reduction and withdrawal symptom management.
  • Vicodin Addiction Counseling Services
    One of the most important aspects of Vicodin addiction recovery is addiction counseling services. Tailored to the experience of Vicodin dependency or other prescription drug addiction, Vicodin addiction counseling will take into account the individual’s personal history, addiction involvement, pain management issues, past traumas and triggers for use. Through the use of compassionate and caring counseling, individuals can begin to gain insight, perspective and healing from Vicodin addiction.
  • Vicodin Aftercare Planning Services
    Once Vicodin rehab has taken place, many individuals will participate in Vicodin aftercare planning services. Partnering with a transitional specialist, recovering individuals will begin to plan for a sober future – including locating local doctors and therapists, setting up social support networks, and identifying triggers and means of relapse prevention.
  • Vicodin Shadowing Services
    For some individuals, extra support is necessary in order to make a smooth transition after Vicodin rehab. Special shadowing services allow individuals to be mentored throughout the transitional, post-rehab period. With someone beside addicted individuals acting a sober coach, Vicodin shadowing services can help with post-rehab environmental changes, establishment of support networks, development of daily routines, personal relocation and a host of further sober living resources for those newly in recovery from Vicodin addiction.